New Year’s greeting 2017

New Year’s greeting 2017

New Year's greeting

Dear business partners and friends of ARCADIA

First we would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017! May the property market continue on its dynamic course and perhaps also stimulate retail consumers to again find enjoyment in their purchasing activities. This – in addition to a possible constant interest rate and a propensity towards financing on the part of German banks – could build the foundation for a solid starting point for our joint project development and revitalisation business. Also in 2017 we would like to continue tackling your exciting project development tasks with you and help implement them sustainably at the level of quality and reliability we have become accustomed to.

Looking back, we see the close of a very work-intensive business year with many exciting highlights:
Our strategy meeting held in Amsterdam in March formed the basis for our preparations towards our very first ARCADIA Racing Cup in the go-cart arena in Leipzig-Dölzig. The actual races for the glass trophies were battled in May, seeing Immvest Wolf leaving other contestants in their dust. This was followed by the exciting new leasing contracts for dm-Drogeriemarkt in Merkurhaus and the positioning of Augustiner-Bräu at the market square in Leipzig. August saw the beginning of demolition measures at the former Radisson Hotel on the market square in Neubrandenburg in order to make space for the new Marien-Carées shopping centre. In 2016 we were before a notary public for property purchases a total of ten times, purchasing buildings for our own holdings as well as securing acquisitions needed for project developments for the next few years. In the process, investment locations such as Jena, Zwickau and Markranstädt clearly demonstrated that our development focus should not exclusively be directed at home bases like Leipzig and Taucha.

A big and important step for the company was the establishment of the umbrella brand ARCADIA Investment Group in May last year in which we consolidated our investment companies to ensure a unified presence in the market. Together with our team of graphic and communication designers we refreshed our logo, reshaped our public image and redesigned our homepage. In October the EXPO Real became the annual highlight with the presentation of a joint exhibition stand by the Halle-Leipzig-Magdeburg metropolitan region, were ARCADIA as the premium partner occupied a double stand.

Looking at the twelve months ahead in 2017 our prospects are no less exciting than those of 2016. Besides numerous large-volume investment transactions in January and February, our next annual kick-off meeting is in sight at the beginning of March in which the strategic advancement of ARCADIA investment Group forms the focal point. At the same time priority will be given to the planning of the new version of the 2nd ARCADIA Racing Cup as well as our participation at this year’s EXPO Real. We will furthermore be fixing dates for the establishment of our new company divisions which, during the course of this year, will expand the service spectrum of ARCADIA by two very significant elements.

It is our pronounced objective to be as independent as possible from unforeseen fluctuations in the real estate market and to be able to extend our real estate service package with advanced expertise internally. Furthermore we would like to finalise partially negotiated projects to pave the way for their implementation. We are constantly looking for new investment opportunities which are both sustainable and future-oriented for our own holdings or for our partnership constructions. In order to facilitate transparent public communications we are issuing a company report as well as publishing the “ARCADIA Marketing” and “ARCADIA Parking – expertise in blue” information brochures. We are in the process of expanding our homepage into the Dutch and Russian languages. Our objective with public communication is to convey interested parties, tenants, investors and co-partners with extensive transparency regarding our expertise and the depth of our specialist knowledge.

We look forward to many exciting discussions and appointments with you, to known and unknown contact persons and business partners, to continued constructive and practical contract negotiations as well as trendsetting investments. Property is our passion – also in 2017.

All the best
ARCADIA Investment Group