Together we park better!

Germans love their cars. So much is certain. But where to go with your car when parking spaces in almost all the cities of Europe are becoming scarcer. We need unique solutions: the development of district garages in residential areas, the optimisation of existing garages according to state-of-the-art requirements, the new construction of car parks and underground parking facilities at high-frequency points or also the exploitation of open spaces such as planned parking space at events.

We have been analysing the property market concerning the specialised topic “parking” for its development potential for more than 10 years. This comprises the same technical advances as with the development of preconditions, the competition and profitability.

Do you know the actual current market value of your garage? Have you already ideally exhausted all its potential, remedied all shortcomings and positioned your parking facility to be assured of a good future?

We support you in the search for added value and also accomplish this by making your parking facility future-proof and profitable – as your service partner or as a conventional project developer.