You are a national or international retailer

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who is already in possession of one or more shop outlets and on the lookout for further new shop areas.

Ideally you already have specific needs and have defined the:

  • micro and macro location
  • immediate retail environment
  • area size, number of levels
  • basic parameters for long-term success

and are looking for an experienced and trustworthy consultant by your side who has access to shops or owners that are suitable to your business and your expansion goals and who is able to procure the desired number of shops in a reasonable time and possibly unfazed by what is transpiring in the turbulent market. If this is the case, we are able to assist you in a quick and goal-oriented manner. In doing so our services cover the identification of a location up to the actual contract negotiation, to the shop planning and if needed, acquiring location-dependent individual building regulations, right up to the procurement of property for use as well as perhaps the desired neighbourhood concept.

Your contact person: Alexander Folz, ARCADIA Investment GmbH


You, your family or your business own property

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which is derelict or in need of refurbishment or even well-maintained or new, but only have experience in property occasionally or as a marginal product. For this reason you require a project development partner or a partner to help optimize your portfolio – a partner like us in a joint collaboration who will help you discover and enhance unused potential or assist you in the completion of already commenced projects. Participation rates and the allocation of the scope of responsibilities in project development are as a rule determined individually depending on the respective task requirement.

Alternatively we also have project developments which, due to the large project volumes, we would like to implement with a partner. With the aid of the selectively chosen participation structures listed on our homepage you are able to see that we are already currently enthusiastically operating in different participation constellations and implementing development projects with partners.

Should you be interested in company participations please contact us.

Your contact person: Alexander Folz, ARCADIA Investment GmbH

Rate of Return

Assets are a matter of trust

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and it is difficult and becoming more tricky in this moving environment and in these turbulent market times to find reliable partners with whom it is possible to implement realistic and well-rounded business – business with the greatest possible risk limitation and a rate of return strategy which is aligned to the long-term. We have made it our business to meet your rate of return demands by carefully analysing your performance requirements and to base our recommendations on your individual investment objectives. We accomplish this by finding suitable products on your behalf from our own portfolio of property clients as well as our established network of contacts which we have nurtured over two decades and, if desired, to accompany you during the purchase negotiations. It could also perhaps make sense to make use of our wide range of additional services (e.g. marketing vacant units, new market positioning of existing properties, developing new concepts as well as full project development of properties or refurbished old buildings).

We invite you to take advantage of our team and our extensive expertise and experience gained from our own holdings as well as our client portfolio.

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Your contact person: Alexander Folz, ARCADIA Investment GmbH