Project development is our passion.

There is scarcely a topic as complex as the development of property. We have made project development our core mission: In this respect we have the possibility to use our professional expertise in all areas of real estate management to comprehensively navigate and implement the specified tasks of the respective project from the conceptual idea to the realignment of boundaries for a piece of land, right up to the finalisation of the investment.

In doing project development, regardless of whether we are acting on our own behalf, or in partnership with capital investors, such as property owners or project development partners or whether as project development service contractors for third parties – the conceptual formulation and our strategy always remain the same: to develop an ideal solution which is also appropriate for the location.

When composing our ARCADIA Investment GmbH team, as well as selecting our cooperation partners to round up an effective working team, we place high value on tapping professional expertise in all areas, always heeding our quality demands and keeping sight of the fulfilment of the specified tasks. This is the only way to ensure the fulfilment of our specified tasks optimally within the time constraints and in good conscience, independent of whether it concerns the refurbishment of a listed historic residential building, the restructuring of business premises in a pedestrian zone or a new shopping centre construction.

We remain true to the motto “no two properties are alike” by addressing every project development assignment with fresh eyes, paying attention to detailed and location-based solution approaches. In doing so, instead of looking for standard solutions, we regard every single project development as an individual challenge with a high degree of responsibility towards neighbours, occupiers and financiers. We pride ourselves in being able to combine the differing interests of all parties involved in a project development which leads to joint success for everyone, regardless of whether we are dealing with communities, occupiers or possible acquisition parties. This means that there may not always be common accord, however, the joint objectives have to be determined and continually monitored along the way without losing sight of the interests of the parties involved in the project.

Having extensive experience in the project development business, we devote particular attention and care to this sensitive issue. We know that in addition to economic requirements, conceptual ideas and strategies, this forms a key element to the success of project development.

We invite you to join us in considering your project ideas, your pieces of land and refurbishment properties and together finding new ways of implementing them. You are also very welcome to share your special interests with us – for example, the implementation requirement for a user-specific new construction, the search for appropriate locations for implementing your business concepts, the nationwide or possibly Europe-wide expansion of your company as well as your very own development concept. Together with you and our network of partners, we will develop a suitable, future-oriented and reliable solution allowing you to look towards the future with satisfaction and confidence.