With your trust we create added value together.

Who do you actually go to if you have concerns regarding your property holdings?

  • the tax advisor who views the property from a business management perspective,
  • the lawyer who assesses the property for purposes of contractual stability and legal position,
  • the broker who is purposefully interested in generating additional business,
  • the neighbour who possibly has his own utilisation interests, or
  • the bank that principally values the property conservatively at half the actual market value trend,
  • or, at the end of the day, the appraisers who determine the value of the property according to mathematical calculation formulae?

Only those experts who have spent many years intensively studying the ever-changing property market conditions, who can size up the varying usage aspects of specific property locations, who know usage structures and the development of the occupier market, who survey the market cycle, who keep an eye on the development of entries into and interests of the capital markets – only they will be able to make a reliable assertion regarding property values and portfolio strategies which are oriented towards the owner, the product and the market.

Exploit our extensive know-how for the support, development, optimisation, security or alternatively, the liquidation of your property portfolio.

Our experience is multi-faceted, whether it concerns – the maintenance of national as well as international family portfolios, the confidential support of purchases and sales, the management of advisors and service contractors, landlords and vendors, consulting long before the actual start of marketing activities or also in-advance strategy considerations for the alignment of a future property portfolio. With your trust and your open-mindedness we are in a position to develop unique solutions and concepts in the most diverse areas of the property market, based on your actual needs, and to then implement these together.

Also in the event of very sensitive topics – such as succession arrangements, liquidation of property portfolios after death or the release of capital for the avoidance of inheritance disputes – please contact us in confidence. We always treat your business with extreme discretion.

We treat your property exactly the same as we treat our own property portfolio.