ARCADIA develops residential quarter in Borsdorf near Leipzig

7 May 2020

ARCADIA develops residential quarter with 46 building plots in Borsdorf near Leipzig

The Leipzig-based ARCADIA Investment Group is planning a new residential quarter with a mix of terraced houses and semi-detached houses on a 32,000 square metre building plot

In Borsdorf, east of Leipzig, an associated company of the ARCADIA Investment Group is building the “Birkenhain” residential quarter. On the approximately 32,000 square metre property on Panitzscher Straße/Johannes-Göldel-Straße, a total of up to 46 building plots are planned, mainly for terraced houses and semi-detached houses. ARCADIA already acquired the property used for agricultural purposes last year.

“We are still at the beginning of our planning. Preparatory work on the building site is expected to start in the first half of 2021. The construction of the houses is to begin the following autumn. If everything goes as planned, the first families will be able to move into their new homes by the end of 2021”, Alexander Folz, Managing Director of ARCADIA, outlines the current schedule.

The terraced houses and semi-detached houses are manufactured in modular construction and are merged together on the building site. Due to the high level of prefabrication, the houses are ready for occupancy within only four weeks. Thus, the construction period is far below the construction time of conventional single-family, terraced and semi-detached houses. MARC Bau GmbH, which belongs to the ARCADIA Investment Group, is responsible for the interior construction and the design of the outdoor areas.

The property developer focuses on sustainable and future-oriented energy supply as the houses are equipped with a photovoltaic system on the roof, a ventilation system with heat recovery and an energy-efficient heat pump, coupled with underfloor heating. The energy-efficiency standard “KfW 55” of the houses offers several advantages for the future owners. On the one hand, it protects the environment, while at the same time reducing energy costs and being rewarded with repayment grants from the KfW bank. ARCADIA is also aiming for a DGNB certification (German Sustainable Building Council). In addition to ecological, economic, sociocultural and functional aspects, the DGNB also evaluates the technology and processes for sustainable building.

Each of the houses offers up to five rooms on approximately 125 square metres of living space. A built-in kitchen, a garden with a terrace as well as a parking space at the house form the basic offer. In addition, Finanzengel GmbH, which is also integrated into the ARCADIA Investment Group, offers potential buyers bank-independent and individual financing if required.

In view of the tense housing market in Leipzig – characterised by a high demand for housing and simultaneously rising land prices and construction costs – terraced and semi-detached houses are an attractive alternative to the more price-intensive single-family house. “The demand for building plots in the Leipzig area remains high. We would like to create homes for young families who want to fulfil their wish of owning their own house with high living comfort but who do not want to miss the proximity to Leipzig”, explains Alexander Folz.