New Year’s greeting 2021

New Year’s greeting 2021

Dear business partners and friends of ARCADIA,

We sincerely wish you a healthy, optimistic, and successful year 2021. This year it will be even more important to live trusting partnerships, to be committed to project implementations and to reliably focus on mastering the challenges that arise. What is particularly needed in the first half of the year is energy, optimism, a positive view of the future and, above all, motivation.

The last few months have cost us all a lot of energy, presented us with previously unknown challenges and revealed the vulnerability of the economic harmony. We all depend on a functioning system. Everyone must contribute to the success of the great daily routine: from hairdressers, restaurant owners, teachers, to bus drivers and many other professions.

In 2020, we focused on being a reliable employer for our now almost 50 employees. The main task was to reconcile the social conflicts, for example home-schooling, with the lockdown conditions and the demands of the everyday work. We are proud of how our team has managed and survived this test of endurance without losing the reliability and quality of our actions.

This is precisely why we were able to implement major development tasks such as the new construction and opening of the “Northgate” multi-storey car park at BER Airport, the refurbishment and sale of the multi-storey car park in the city-centre of Gera and the start of construction of our pilot project for modular terraced houses in Krostitz. We also set milestones for the future in acquisition, including “Löhr’s Eck” in Leipzig, the “Alte Ziegelei” in Liebertwolkwitz and around 200,000 square metres of building land for single-family houses.

In 2021, we will continue to focus on project developments. We will reclaim brownfields, revive ruins, build houses for families, and provide businesses with expansion opportunities to meet their needs. We will implement your tasks just as conscientiously as we did last year. This is guaranteed by our experience, our serenity when faced with problems and a very experienced and motivated team.

Let us make 2021 a good year.
Yours sincerely, Alexander Folz