New Year’s greeting 2019

New Year’s greeting 2019

Dear business partners and friends of ARCADIA,

Welcome to the year 2019, for which we wish you all health and well-being, business success and serenity in your private and business lives.

The days off between Christmas and New Year were not really enough to build up the energy that we spent in intensive working weeks between EXPO Real and the year-end business, at the negotiating table, on construction sites and in offices. This is precisely why, in addition to the above-mentioned wishes, we make one wish for 2019 a top priority: the wish to approach the daily business more pragmatically and calmly and to conduct negotiations constructively and to face the daily tasks of project development, planning, brainstorming and construction with more understanding. The flood of e-mails, the tight schedule, endless negotiations and small advantages, which may become major disadvantages over the years – is that worth all the effort? Time is an incredibly important possession which does not grow back indefinitely and which we can only use to a limited extent for certain tasks. A measured approach to time and a greater focus on partnership, as well as a mutual understanding of the individual entrepreneurial position, help us to reduce the pressure on the work valve a little and to develop even more pleasure in the joint debate about contracts, concepts and ideas.

2018 was an exciting year for the development of the ARCADIA Investment Group. Besides the founding our own expansion company ARCREX with the aim of taking over the services of an outsourced expansion department, we have further expanded our competence fields of parking and financing and have taken a big step towards the end customer financing in the residential property sector by taking over Finanzengel GmbH. Projects such as the Otto-Dix-Passage in Gera, which has been given a new image by a successful naming competition, our multi-storey car park project at BER Airport, the completion of the “Lindenquartier” project by selling the last terrace houses and the takeover of the “Auenhöfe” development project at the Auensee in Leipzig were the development highlights of the last year. Beyond that, we look back on an eventful Racing Cup, at which we met many of our business partners and were able to compete with them in sports. The EXPO Real 2018 was a successful challenge with an enlarged stand and Factory Market as our expansion partner. The FOCUS-Business award as one of the top 100 growth champions in Germany out of 2 million analysed companies as well as the choice as one of the top employers of medium-sized companies in 2019 gave a positive conclusion to the development work within the ARCADIA Investment Group since its foundation and especially for the year 2018. With the success and good tailwind of 2018 we started into a 2019 which is certainly not going to be less exciting.

This year we also have ambitious plans: Preparations are already underway for EXPO Real 2019, where we will once again meet many of our business partners and work with them on new projects. We are currently expanding our business premises in Petershof by a further floor in order to accommodate the increasing number of employees and to come even closer to our goal of being an all-embracing project developer with expertise in all service areas. To this end, a legal department will be integrated into the company group in April. The legal department is intended to relieve our workload with regard to building law issues, planning law and the negotiation of agreements. Furthermore, we intend to implement and multiply our modular terraced house concept, which we have intensively prepared for market entry over the past two years, with initial pilot projects. To this end, we have obtained building rights for properties purchased in recent years and prepared them for division and development. The aim is to purchase further properties with a capacity of 250 – 300 terraced houses per year and to establish this business segment in Germany. The so-called “all-inclusive” services from a single source include the acquisition of the properties to the procurement of building rights, the end customer financing to the constructional implementation. Our aim is to gain a significant advantage over competitors. Additionally, we are going to establish our own construction company by mid-2019 at the latest, in which we will integrate our operating craftsmen. With an own construction company, we are going to be able to implement expansion services in refurbishment and in construction processes as well as in exterior design independently of the market for our own projects and for other companies.

We are are looking forward to old and new business partners as well as to our current and new project development challenges, which we are going to face in 2019. We likewise look forward to your visit or invitation to a personal meeting in order to exchange ideas about market developments and to implement joint project ideas. We wish you an exciting and successful 2019.

Sincerely, your team from the ARCADIA Investment Group