Elster Forum in Gera is named Otto-Dix-Passage – Naming competition decides

Elster Forum in Gera is named Otto-Dix-Passage – Naming competition decides – ARCADIA Investment Group plans re-launch of the inner city shopping centre in 2019

The naming competition initiated by the ARCADIA Investment Group as the new owner of the Elster Forum in May of this year has been decided. From 111 suggestions received the four jurors voted the “Otto-Dix-Passage” in first place.

The four jurors Julian Vonarb (Lord Mayor of Gera), Heike Drechsler (athlete and honorary citizen of her native town Gera), Heiko Vajhen (architect) and Alexander Folz (Managing Director of ARCADIA Investment GmbH) had to evaluate ten proposals that made it into the final round in a points system. After “Otto-Dix-Passage”, the name “Museumsgalerie” ranked second ahead of “Galerie am Museumsplatz”. The winner of the competition is 54-year-old Mathias Dobbrunz from Reichstädt, who was inspired by Otto Dix City and suggested the name “Otto Dix Passage” first. All ten finalists were awarded prizes.

Lord Mayor Julian Vonarb and Alexander Folz were more than satisfied with the new name. Although both had a different favourite, the “Otto-Dix-Passage” was also very high on their ranking lists.

In April 2018, ARCADIA had already acquired the inner-city shopping centre with a rental area of more than 14,400 square metres at Museumsplatz 2 in Gera as well as the associated multi-storey car park with approx. 376 parking spaces and announced its plans for conversion and revitalisation. The ageing inner-city shopping centre in the city centre is to be renovated from 2019 and will once again accommodate attractive tenants when it reopens. In this way, the new “Otto-Dix-Passage” will once again do full justice to the prime location between the Markt, Sorge and Gera arcades.

For ARCADIA managing director Alexander Folz, the repositioning and new image of the centre plays a decisive role as does the complete overhaul and redesign of the property. “The new name serves as an important building block for this,” he says, “with its high level of identification within the Gera citizenship.“

The artist Otto Dix, born in 1891 in today’s Gera, is regarded as one of the most important and influential representatives of the genre of New Objectivity at the beginning of the 20th century. From 1914 to 1918 he voluntarily took part in the First World War and incorporated his experiences into his paintings. He criticized both war and society in works such as ‘Schützengraben’, ‘Großstadt’ or ‘Prager Straße’. In 1927 Dix became professor at the University of Fine Art in Dresden. He lost his position at the Prussian Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin in 1931 at the instigation of the Nazis, who had also imposed an exhibition ban on him. Otto Dix died on 25 July 1969 in Singen.

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