ARCADIA plans new residential quarter in Neubrandenburg

27 February 2020

ARCADIA plans residential area with 92 building plots in Neubrandenburg

The real estate developer ARCADIA plans a new residential quarter in Neubrandenburg with a mix of single-family houses, terraced houses and semi-detached houses on a 140,000 square metre property

The Leipzig-based ARCADIA Investment Group has acquired the last available development area of the Steep residential area in Neubrandenburg via a project company. The seller is the Federal Office for Real Estate. The purchase agreement was signed by both parties at the end of 2019. By investing in the economically and demographically prosperous city Neubrandenburg, ARCADIA is consistently pursuing its growth strategy. On the 140,000 square metre property at Obodritenstraße/Ranenstraße, the real estate developer plans 45 single-family houses, 3 terraced houses and 44 semi-detached houses as well as generous green areas. The first development works are scheduled to begin this year.

“A legally binding land-use plan already exists. If everything goes according to plan, the first houses will be built in 2021,” says managing partner Alexander Folz. Since the previous construction phase has been sold recently, the real estate developer expects high demand from the city of Neubrandenburg with its 65,000 inhabitants.

Chris Poschmann, who is responsible for the sale of the building plots, explains: “The new residential quarter will be perfect for families with children. The nearest daycare centre and school are only a few minutes away and all shops for daily needs can be reached quickly. At the same time, the Tollensesee lake and the surrounding forests offer a high recreational value.” ARCADIA will start selling the residential plots in spring 2020. The start for this will be the real estate fair in Neubrandenburg, which will take place from 6 to 8 March.