ARCADIA Investment GmbH hands over the leasing of See-Carré in Falkensee to CM Immobilienmanagement GmbH

ARCADIA Investment GmbH hands over the responsibility for the leasing of See-Carré in Falkensee to CM Immobilienmanagement GmbH

The Leipzig project manager ARCADIA Investment GmbH hands over the responsibility for leasing round 50 shops in the projected See-Carré in Falkensee – after the conclusion of the first lease contracts and the firm establishment of the retail concept – to the contractually stipulated Centre Manager, CM Immobilienmanagement GmbH. The appointment of former mfi manager, Dr Marcus Hüttermann by the management of CM Immobilienmanagement, is directed towards to clearly outline and bring in line the interface between the future centre management and the tenants’ association as well as the general administration of the property and the retail concepts still to be contractually signed up.

Alexander Folz, Managing Partner of ARCADIA Investment GmbH supports this sensible strategic change. “For the creation of a sustainably attractive retail location which is urgently needed at the Falkensee location”, he explained, “a sustainable and long-term operation of the centre must be created by a balanced tenant mix in addition to excellent cooperation between centre management and the retailers. Our task is to compile the marketing concept in collaboration with the project developers and in doing so, provide the See-Carrée with a reputation and character.” The first lease agreements also resulted from these activities which are to be made public in the coming weeks.

ARCADIA Investment GmbH is using the freed-up resources to continue concentrating on its own business divisions and to further develop these. In doing so it wants to focus even more intensely on project development in future and focus on its own participating interests as well as to create a stronger presence in the market regarding its expertise in the fields of portfolio management and parking. In the process it is important, says Mr Folz, not to neglect assisting our close business partners with consulting activities when it involves task-specific subsequent letting, refurbishments, realignment of boundary purchases or refurbishing old business buildings and centres.

ARCADIA Investment Group has focused its specialisation on the development of property used for retail and residential properties as well as car parks and underground car parks throughout the entire Germany. In addition to activities relating to its own portfolio, it has also implemented a host of projects in the framework of joint ventures – amongst others in close collaboration with international companies. One of the company’s core business functions is the optimisation, maintenance and expansion of the property portfolio of family businesses with the utmost care and confidentiality. The ARCADIA Investment Group currently employs seventeen people and is developing areas with a magnitude of more than 100,000 square meters. The accompanying project volume amounts to round 95 million euro.

CM Immobilienmanagement GmbH, partially via its subsidiary Acrest Centermanagement GmbH, currently has 15 shopping centres under management in Germany and is an initiator of new developments and revitalization projects. (,

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