ARCADIA employs in-house lawyer, establishes legal department and expands the team of the commercial administration

ARCADIA employs in-house lawyer, establishes legal department and expands the team of the commercial administration

Connected to the expansion of the office area at the Petershof in Leipzig, ARCADIA Investment GmbH established an internal legal department with effect from May 1st, 2019 and hired the 43-year-old lawyer Sandra Schulz as an in-house lawyer. The new department is supported by the 40-year-old legal specialist Sandra Böhland. In addition, the 36-year-old real estate specialist Constance Schwarz has been hired to support the commercial administration team.

Sandra Schulz is a specialist solicitor for building law and architectural law and has been working in the field of real estate law since 2002. After completing her studies, Ms Schulz worked for many years as lawyer for a regional law firm in Berlin. Since 2013 she has headed a real estate law firm as managing partner in Leipzig.

Sandra Böhland has worked in various law firms after completing her vocational training as a legal assistant in 2001. After completing her further professional development as certified legal specialist, Ms Böhland worked together with Sandra Schulz for more than six years and gained a wide range of experience in the management and administration of real estate as well as the associated legal issues.

Constance Schwarz has been working in the field of estate management since 2005. Following her further professional development as certified real estate specialist in 2009, she has managed commercial, residential and specialist properties in the last couple of years. Most recently, Ms Schwarz was responsible for the commercial administration of owner-occupied real estate owned by health associations in Berlin.

The further enlargement of the team results from the increased need for legal advice resulting from the establishment of various new subsidiaries as well as from the increased number of transactions and complex project developments and the work processes involved in procuring building and planning law.

ARCADIA Investment Group

The ARCADIA Investment Group specialises in the development of retail properties, residential properties as well as car parks and underground car parks throughout Germany. In addition to activities relating to the company’s own portfolio, it has also implemented a host of projects in the framework of joint ventures – amongst others in close cooperation with several national and international investors. The company’s core business also includes the optimisation, maintenance and expansion of the property portfolio of family businesses with the utmost care and confidentiality. ARCADIA Investment GmbH, the holding company of the Group, currently employs 36 people and is currently developing areas with more than 300,000 square metres of space nationwide. The associated project volume currently amounts to approximately 300 million euros.

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