ARCADIA concludes lease contract with Goldbeck Parking Services

ARCADIA Investment Group concludes lease contract with Goldbeck Parking Services for Northgate multi-storey car park

The ARCADIA Investment Group is building the “Northgate” multi-storey car park at the future Berlin Airport BER, in prime location in the “gatelands” business park. “Northgate” will offer more than 1,500 parking spaces on twelve half-levels. The construction began at the beginning of July 2019 and will be carried out by the general contractor Goldbeck Nordost GmbH Berlin-Brandenburg. A decision has now been made on the future operator of the multi-storey car park.

Over the next 20 years, Goldbeck Parking Services GmbH will operate the multi-storey car park. “The negotiations were constructive and trusting,” said the two managing directors Alexander Folz (ARCADIA) and Stephan Pieper (Goldbeck). Both parties have agreed not to disclose further terms of the contract.

Goldbeck Parking Service GmbH plans to operate the multi-storey car park as a public car park with state-of-the-art technology and an extensive range of services, in particular with regard to the users of the business park, such as pre-booking offers for air travellers.

Together with the mayor of the municipality Schönefeld, representatives of the property seller OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH, Kolb + Partner Immobilienkompetenz, IBK Projekt GmbH and the team of Goldbeck Nordost GmbH, the foundation stone was laid on August 7, 2019. The multi-storey car park will be completed and put into operation for the currently planned opening of the BER. Bookings will be possible from January 2020.

“gatelands” business park

The new “gatelands” business park is being built on an area of around 100,000 square metres in close vicinity to the capital’s new airport. The business park area offers space for hotels, offices, service and retail space and is going to have a total floor area of approx. 250,000 square metres. Due to the prime location, the short distances to the city centre of Berlin, the connection to the motorways A 113 (Berlin City) and A 10 (motorway ring) and the already ensured building laws, the area will be one of the most attractive development sites on the outskirts of Berlin. Particularly, because of the high demand on the Berlin office market.

Besides various office buildings, several hotels will be built, of which the B&B Hotel Berlin-Airport has already been opened. The building permit for a hotel of the Moxy brand has already been granted. In addition, a building application has been filed for an office development with approx. 15,000 square metres. The business park “gatelands” includes approx. 20,000 square metres of forest with ponds and grassy areas.

Goldbeck Services GmbH, Germany

Goldbeck Services GmbH – part of the Goldbeck Group – is based in Bielefeld and specialises in real estate services in the areas of property and facility management as well as in the area of parking. Goldbeck Parking Services GmbH offers a comprehensive network of parking facilities in Germany and Austria with 136 car parks and garages and approximately 72,000 parking spaces.