ARCADIA brokers 1,200 m² of office space to lawyers and tax advisors

ARCADIA brokers 1,200 m² office space to the lawyers and tax advisors, PETERSEN HARDRAHT, in Merkurhaus in Leipzig – property upgrade shows first results

The Leipzig ARCADIA Investment GmbH has brokered an office space of round 1,200 square meters to the lawyers and tax advisors, PETERSEN HARDRAHT. Besides “arcanum” physiotherapists, the legal practice is already the second new tenant on the property brokered by ARCADIA Investment GmbH after commencement of the restructuring and repositioning measures subsequent to its sale to Jachimowicz Group Berlin. Additional prestigious retail concepts will follow in the next few weeks according to Kathleen Haubold, an authorised signatory at ARCADIA Investment GmbH. The company had previously already, in an advisory capacity, accompanied the sale of the widely known Merkurhaus to the Jachimowicz Group Berlin. They also subsequently successfully attended to the cancellation of the lease contracts of the existing tenants KiK and Woolworth for the end of December 2015.

The cancellation of these lease contracts was a prerequisite for the successful repositioning of the Merkurhaus as planned in its new concept developed by Alexander Folz, Managing Director of ARCADIA Investment GmbH, with his employees on behalf of the owner. The significance of Merkurhaus as a portal location became even clearer to them over the past few years. A circumstance which once again clearly finds expression in the fact that PETERSEN HARDRAHT was acquired as tenants. The building with its dominant solitary position forms the entrance to the main shopping street, Peterstraße, which is the most-frequented pedestrian zone in Leipzig. This street is found in the immediate vicinity of the new city hall as well as the most important entry and exit points of the city tunnel in the direction of Peterstraße. The Merkurhaus also benefits from the upgrading of the pedestrian zone directly in front of the property. The objective of the newly developed concept is the optimisation and adaptation to its valuable surrounding and the long-term reorientation as a commercial building in an A1 location. The total retail space of up to approx. 5,000 square meters will have a modern design in line with market requirements. It may also be split if required and is already possible from 65 square meters. ARCADIA Investment GmbH is already conducting first negotiations with prestigious retailers on behalf of the owner.

Merkurhaus was built as a textile store in 1937 by Karl Fezer in the New Objectivity style. Its consistent window frontages and shell limestone facade make this building very impressive. From 1969 to the beginning of the 1990s it was the headquarters of the Leipzig School of Commerce (Handelshochschule Leipzig). The building was subsequently used by C&A, Karstadt Sport and more recently by Woolworth, until its repositioning.

PETERSEN HARDRAHT is a law firm operating in Central Germany with branches in Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. They specialize in consulting and legal representation of clients with complex commercial and tax law matters. With currently 22 employees, PETERSEN HARDRAHT is considered the largest central German commercial and public administrative advisors, with its headquarters in Central Germany.

The ARCADIA Investment Group has focused its specialisation on the development of property used for retail and residential properties as well as car parks and underground car parks throughout the entire Germany. In addition to activities relating to its own portfolio, it has also implemented a host of projects in the framework of joint ventures – amongst others in close collaboration with international companies. One of the company’s core business functions is the optimisation, maintenance and expansion of the property portfolio of family businesses with the utmost care and confidentiality.

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